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AD3AG : Advance Diploma - 3D Animation Graphics - [ 1 Year Multimedia Diploma ]

AD3AG is an in-depth and advanced 1 Year Multimedia Diploma which includes : Work on softwares like Autodesk 3Ds-MAX™, Adobe Photoshop™, Adobe After Effects™, Adobe Premiere™, Adobe Flash™, Adobe Audition™ along with Module 1 (Adv.Graphic Designing). This course gives you an edge by letting you design and give life to your characters ! Its a combination of Graphic Design, 3D Animation, Video Editing, Composting, Autodesk Mudbox™. This is course is the right choice for you to make a successful 3d career. This intensive diploma ensures you are well-versed with all aspects of 3D Animation, Special Effects, video editing, post production & graphic designing.

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12 Months Daily 2 hours OR 7 Months Daily 3 hours

Adobe Photoshop™
Adobe Illustrator™
Adobe In-Design™

Designers & Graphics production artists, Creating & Laying out Print Media. Features of Design & Drawing. Creating Graphic & Illustration. Graphic Designing using Adobe Suite. Image Editing & Page Layout Design

Adobe FLASH ™
Adobe Flash multimedia applications that allow designers and developers the freedom to create rich and engaging applications, presentations, animations, and web sites.

Autodesk 3Ds-MAX™
3D modeling, animation, and rendering software

3ds Max® 3D modeling software provides a comprehensive modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering solution for games, film, and motion graphics artists. 3ds Max delivers efficient new tools, accelerated performance, and streamlined workflows to help increase overall productivity for working with complex, high-resolution assets.

3D MAX™ Character Animation
Character Animation is a powerful extension to 3D Max, the world's best-selling professional 3D animation and modelling solution. You can quickly animate a school of fish, a swarm of bees etc. Character animation provides rich palette of tools for motion capture, free-form animation and footstep animation, provides high quality, cost-effective way to populate your 3D Max worlds with characters that walk, run, jump, and move with incredible personality.

Adobe After Effect™
After Effects delivers a comprehensive tools to produce motion graphics & visual effects for film, video, multimedia, web. Control the compositing environment while working in a 2D or 3D with this software.

Adobe Premiere™
Adobe Audition™

Adobe Premiere covers broadcast and online media. A powerful tool for professional digital Video Editing Designed for video professionals,It's elegant interface and superb editing tools, you can work with complete efficiency, control, and flexibility to produce broadcast-quality movies for videoAudition - Sound Engineering and Sound Editing software.

Autodesk Mudbox™
Mudbox® digital sculpting and digital painting software enables you to create production-ready 3D digital artwork. Mudbox offers a high-performance environment and professional-quality tools to help you create highly realistic 3D characters, engaging environments, detailed props, and compelling concept designs in less time.