Softpro Animation Academy

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Module 1 + 2 :Master Graphic Designing+2D+Video Editing+VFX

Master in Graphic Designing with 2D Animation and Video Editing features: Work with software like Adobe Photoshop™, Adobe After Effects™, Adobe Premiere™, Adobe Flash™, Adobe Audition™ along with Module 1 (Adv.Graphic Designing). This course gives you an edge by letting you design and give life to your characters ! Its a combination of Graphic Design, 2D Animation and Video Editing. This is course is the right choice for you to make a successful career. This intensive diploma ensures you are well-versed with all aspects of design, video editing, post production and graphic designing.

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6 Months Daily 2 hrs or 12 Months Daily 1 hr

- Digital Design
- Digital Illustration
- Page Layout Design
- User Interface Design
- Interactive Design
- Compositing Video
- Editing Sound
- Video Editing
- Image Mixing, Re-touching
- Model Layering
- Photo-Touch ups
- Monograms, Creating Logos
- Fashion & Jewellery Designing
- Brochure Designing
- Magazine Cover Pages
- Advertisements

Adobe Photoshop™
Adobe Illustrator™
Adobe In-Design™

Designers & Graphics production artists, Creating & Laying out Print Media. Features of Design & Drawing. Creating Graphic & Illustration. Graphic Designing using Adobe Suite. Image Editing & Page Layout Design

Adobe FLASH ™

Adobe Flash multimedia applications that allow designers and developers the freedom to create rich and engaging applications, presentations, animations, and web sites.

Adobe After Effect™

After Effects delivers a comprehensive tools to produce motion graphics & visual effects for film, video, multimedia, web. Control the compositing environment while working in a 2D or 3D with this software.

Adobe Premiere™
Adobe Audition™

Adobe Premiere covers broadcast and online media. A powerful tool for professional digital Video Editing Designed for video professionals,It's elegant interface and superb editing tools, you can work with complete efficiency, control, and flexibility to produce broadcast-quality movies for videoAudition - Sound Engineering and Sound Editing software.

- Graphic Designer
- Photoshop specialist
- Digital Artist
- Advertising Designer
- Layout Artist
- Packaging Designer
- 2D Animator
- Motion Graphic Artist
- 2D Artist
- Video Editor
- Corporate Presentor
- Seminar Designer